In the interest of time, no analysis was conducted, so relative sizing is likely erroneous, but the inherent feasibility of the concept should still become obvious as it is revealed.

The animations do not accurately portray the simultaneous motions of all elements, because backgrounds with a horizon could not be used as a visual reference. One element is always shown fixed, while its position and orientation are in fact changing.

The color is the default blue of SolidWorks. In the interest of time, it was not altered, nor were images with transparent backgrounds developed so other colors could be used.


The models were scaled relative to the Williams FJ33 turbojet engine, but the concept can be scaled for applications ranging from mini-RPVs to heavy lift vehicles.


The leading edge hinge need not have been swept and the hub shaft should be 25% longer.


To my wife for tolerating the lack of my company while I developed this presentation.

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