Blade Flyer

Remotely Controlled Model - Page 6

Balanced engines and added a vane flap to counter imperfections in vane alignment.

Added exhaust vane to counter imperfections in thrust vector.

Four brush blocks drilled.

Brushes consist of ball point pen tip retainer soldered into a cylinder, ball point pen tip, spring and spring retainer.

0.027" hole drilled through brush case and spring retainer.

New brush assemblies (0.027" drill bits are holding spring retainers in place.
Brush assembly

A $0.99 Store desk lamp was disassembled to provide 7 LEDs and a battery case for a commutator test rig.

Test to ensure contacts are properly made and broken as the blade rotates about its axle.

The roller assembly is a landing gear or perch substitute.  It is spring-loaded with a spring made from a large keyring.  A cotter pin holds the roller assembly in position until the rotational velocity is such that the vehicle can stabilize itself, then the cotter pin is removed with a string.

The vehicle assembly test rig includes a scale and anemometer mounted on a drawer slide, so their displays can be video-recorded along with the vehicle during transition.

Unfortunately, when the commutators were installed on the blades, the reliability declined. A different approach is required.

Contact: Bill Holmes via email or 661-305-9465

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